Hello Bujetto

I just started to learn React JS.
Naturally I learn by doing, failing, banging my head, cursing, regretting, rinsing and repeating. And then getting tired of feeling incompetent and picking another thing.

So how about I keep a small diary of what I'm doing?

Day 1
Not sure exactly when this was, but that day I felt a little bit like a dinosaur. Like a little dinosaur. Must have been the uneasiness of hearing about all these things going on in the (perceived) 5-second-attention-span-what-was-i-saying world of javascript and understanding maaybe 5%, if in a good day and well rested.
Tbh, I used to hate js. But at some point I figured I hated it because I didn't know it well enough, so bring it on! now, since I'm being honest and all, I'll admit it: Things are waaay better now than 7 (or 10?) years ago when I was last dabbling with web stuff. Toolings are better, editors, libraries, etc. So, yeah. Good stuff.

A while later
Bujetto is (will be?) a simple, run-of-the-mill personal budgeting app.
backend with .net core, postgres and ef core
front-end: a SPA built with react

I put together a small db and a web api project on top of it.
I learned about components, state, how you never-ever set it directly, params, routes

really today 13-10
I got some routes set up and some sort of dashboard going on: