SQL Server Hash Join

Update yo statistics! The way the hash join works (A JOIN B or B JOIN A) is a two step process: 1. hash build. Takes input from table A and builds a hash table for it 2. hash probe. Loops table B and compares each item with the hashes from

Today's struggle: Poor man's CI

Today I set up some sort of continuous integration that will keep bujetto in sync with git. I'm spent. What I ended up with: - 2 docker containers: one running postgres, another one running the backend API. - Github hook will spill notifications into a tiny nodejs server, which in

Hello Bujetto

I just started to learn React JS. Naturally I learn by doing, failing, banging my head, cursing, regretting, rinsing and repeating. And then getting tired of feeling incompetent and picking another thing. So how about I keep a small diary of what I'm doing? Day 1 Not sure exactly when

Richardson maturity level

From simple to complex: 0->3 | (3) HYPERMEDIA | (2) HTTP | (1) URI | (0) / 0 - using HTTP just as a transport system for our services 1 - introducing resources 2 - making use of the HTTP verbs. With this, HTTP is no longer used as a transport protocol but

Fără număr, fără geacă

Ca și cum n-aș avea destule proiecte abandonate, m-am mai apucat de o daravelă. Am zvârlit banii pe-un arduino la sfârșitul anului trecut. Am luat și kit cu componente, numa bun de un elev de gimnaziu de 32 ca subsemnatul - na, că m-am dat în fapt. Ei, drăcia m-a